The Difference Between Interest And Commitment – My Insane Results

As most people on my news feed were enjoying Easter eggs and chocolate on Easter Sunday. I, on the other hand, enjoyed a lovely big pool of sweat as I completed the 60 day Insanity Workout. This workout, aside from Breakdancing, is the craziest thing I’ve done so far.

My Final Fit Test Results

“There’s a difference between INTEREST and COMMITMENT. When you are INTERESTED in doing something, you only do it when it’s convenient. When you are COMMITTED to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” – Kenneth  Blanchard

This quote resonates with me so much as most days I had to do this workout at 6-7am and you can imagine waking up your body from a slumber to a fast paced intense workout is a bit extreme and the last thing you would want to do in an ideal world. I know one person doing the same workout that works night shifts then does Insanity when they finish and get home. You can apply this quote to everything and anything in life though, whatever your passion is, if you really LOVE doing something you will make the time to do it.

Nearing the End of Insanity Workout - Time to Power Up

Personally, I feel that the transformation has been phenomenal and not just on the body, but on the mind too. Now there’s circumstances where usually I would automatically think “Naaaah, can’t do that” but now I hear a voice say…”Give it a go, you don’t know unless you try.” Perfect example was when I missed a bus and I randomly thought, “Maybe I should run after it and catch up with it at the next stop.” The first response was “No point chasing it because you might not get to the next stop before it.” Then straight after a thought came in my head saying “You might get it though”… cut a long story short, I sprinted for about a couple minutes and caught up with the bus (“Jon Case…Faster than a speeding Bus!”) – yes I was completely out of breath and could barely speak the destination but the funny thing was that after about a minute and a half after sitting down I wasn’t out of breath any more. It kind of felt like that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus and Neo are fighting each other and Morpheus says, “Do you think that’s air you’re breathing?”

The result of 60 days of Insanity Workout - Before and After Front View
The result of 60 days of Insanity Workout - Before and After Side View

Finishing this has proven to myself that anything is possible and we are only limited by our own thoughts and beliefs. To those of you thinking about starting any fitness program, or any dream/goal in life don’t think about it, just do it! Quit making excuses, make the time for it and make it happen.

Insanity Results - Back Shot

 Decide, Commit, Succeed!

The person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are

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