A Realisation From Worry

This blog has been silent for a while as I’ve been going through some personal ups and downs so I thought I would share my experience briefly in case this may help anyone else going through a similar situation.┬áBasically the second half of this year has been a testing time as my mother has not been well after suffering multiple strokes, which has resulted in her being in hospital for over 3 months.

When I first heard the news from my sister I was concerned but not worried as last year when the first stroke happened Mum was laughing and joking in the hospital (and as she walked out with Dad and I) like it was nothing. However, seeing her this time round brought a shock so powerful it felt like I’d been hit by truck directly to my chest – I felt paralysed with fear and worry. The vision I always held in my mind of Mum smiling and running around was completely shattered…my reality was flipped on it’s head.

Since then I have had a lot of time to myself here in Manchester to reflect on events and I’ve sat alone thinking about my mum’s health. Have felt the emotions of sorrow, worry for the future, and complete isolation – unsure of what’s next and thinking “what’s the point of what I’m working towards?”…….the feeling of helplessness from having no control over circumstances outside of my life and anger at myself for feeling helpless and “weak”.

From draining these emotions and exhausting myself mentally I have reached a point of clarity, which now I am truly grateful for.

No matter what’s going on, worrying about (imagined) future events which may or may not happen does nothing more than waste time and energy and keeps you out of the present moment.

While living in the past may feel better for a minute but the distraction is only that, a distraction, when the daydream is over and reality hits again it hits even harder. The best way is to live in the present moment and appreciate the gift of each day, minute, second no matter what.

And this is what I wish for all of you who are reading this – Appreciate and be grateful for the moments you have RIGHT NOW. Whether you’re out at a Christmas party or chilling out with your family – surrender all worry, fear and control and just be thankful.

Worry takes awat peace

Peace and love to you all,



p.s. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas – make it an awesome one ­čÖé



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