About Jon


Hi! My name is Jon Case, and I’m the creator and writer at GTAL. I live in Manchester (UK) and I am the youngest of six kids (5 boys, 1 girl). I am a budding entrepreneur and have a strong passion for personal development and helping to inspire others to pursue their passion.

My Story

When I completed my degree at University of Manchester I was one of those people who realised (maybe too little too late?) that I didn’t want to pursue a career in the field and thus kept asking the question “What should I do? There must be something else”.


As I was asking this question I decided to go to Asia with some good friends for breakdancing competitions and basically a holiday. Before I left the UK my sister and one of my brothers offered to fund part of my journey as long as I read a book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” at least 3 times while I was there – obviously I agreed (free money – who wouldn’t?).

Travels with Friends
In my time over there my friends and I had a lot of laughs, fun times n adventures (you know the times when you laugh with your friends so much you end up with abs from all the tensing). Any spare time I had I would read the book that my siblings suggested. I remember one day on my way to dance practice on the subway in Seoul there was an American guy next to me who noticed I was reading it and said he’s read it so many times and gifts that book to all his friends. By the time I finished it I noticed why, it completely changed my way of thinking! From then on I wanted to learn and develop more in other areas. When I got back from travelling I consumed books by Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Anthony Robbins, Dalai Lama, Paulo Coelho, Rhonda Byrne, Abraham Hicks etc.

Rich Dad Poor Dad
Since then I’ve gone out, taken action (still am taking action), made mistakes (still am making mistakes), which helped clarify lessons and reminded me what is important in life (Family, appreciation of what you already have and peace of mind) and met some awesome people at exactly the right times when needed (you could say it’s law of attraction/synchronicity etc).

As I am still learning more about personal development, mindset and law of attraction I will be sharing my personal thoughts on events in my life, things I’m grateful for, law of attraction/manifestation stories and personal development/life tips n tools. I am not an expert; I just have a love for developing myself (see one of my mental/physical transformations here), the things that I’m doing may or may not work for you in the same way, as we are all unique.

My intention with this blog is to stay focused on the good things in life and enjoy the moment as I go out pursuing my goals in business and life and hopefully help to inspire or motivate people reading this along the way.

I hope you enjoy reading the posts on this site. It is, like me, a work in progress so as it grows it may develop and change over time.

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Stay awesome!
Jon Case


Disclaimer: I am not a therapist or doctor and none of the information on this blog should be construed as medical advice.