What Does PUSH Mean To You?

I’ve heard the word “PUSH” so many times (especially in the last 50 days of doing this insanity workout) and it made me think about what it means. Recently I found this picture on my phone that pretty much put it into perspective and resonated a lot with me.

PUSH Acronym

In life we all have goals we choose for ourselves for whatever reason and we have to come to terms that no one or very few people will understand we are doing or why we’re doing it. I’ve noticed many a time there’s no point in trying to explain yourself to them, that only wastes mental energy that could be focused to just living your life.

It can also get quite lonely when moving forward on your own path to your dreams and you might sometimes feel like you’re walking blind with no support and no one to talk your ideas through with….and then you might take action on something and fail….remember this word when this happens….PUSH! (Persist Until Something Happens)

Personally, I’ve found that when you keep going you either get what you want in the end OR you meet/attract the people who are already where you want to be and can help guide you and inspire/motivate you to get what you want. These could be random people you’ve connected to online, family, friends, mentors or people you haven’t spoke to in years but randomly speak to again……I am truly grateful for ALL these (however random) people in my life.

let me know in the comments below what PUSH means to you.


Stay Awesome 🙂

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